Jacksonville Machine & Boiler Works was established in 1919 by Joseph Rodems and his son Alfed. Its primary work was repairing agriculture and factory equipment.

Joseph was already deceased when the family was hit with the unexpected death of Alfred. This led Alfred’s only son Don to make the decision to purchase the shop from his mother at a young age. As the years passed, Don successfully expanded the shop to ten employees. As the company continued to flourish three of Don’s five children (Jeff, Robert, and Donna) joined the team. Once incorporated in 1992 the name changed to Jacksonville Machine Inc.

With the company on a solid foundation, Don made plans to pass the family business on to the next generation. Facing the everyday struggles of owning a business everyone soon realized continuous growth would be important for the survival of the business. JMI shifted their focus on getting the shop ISO-9001 registered. In addition to the ISO registration they implemented stringent quality control procedures throughout the shop. Epicor software was added for more efficient and thorough quoting, scheduling, purchasing, inventory control, and accounting. These changes allowed Jacksonville Machine to broaden its capabilities and diversifyits customer base. All this hard work paid off as Jacksonville Machine received their ISO Certification in 2002.To continue in the training to eventually pass the company on to the next generation JMI entrusted in their employees. They started by placing their best employees in positions of supervising and managing both employee
performance and quality. It is evident that JMI has a strong history and is very capable of meeting their customer needs and expectations.

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